In order to avoid misunderstandings and ensure you have a pleasant holiday, please read the following regulations. Confirmation of the reservation is tantamount to reading and accepting and accepting the regulations.

  1. By making a reservation via angelshome.pl, by email or by phone, the Customer agrees to place his personal data in the Service Provider’s database. In addition, we inform you that on May 25, 2018. The provisions of the Regulation of the European Parliament and of the Council (EU) on the protection of personal data, commonly known as the RODO, came into force.
  2. We have prepared a set of information for you, including about why and for what purpose we process your data. They are located in the Privacy Policy tab located on the website.
  3. Reservation, service fees and payment terms:
    • Object reservations can be made online by the client at angelshome.pl, by e-mail or by phone.
    • The reservation is effective after paying a 50% deposit for the whole stay within 3 days.
    • The down payment is not refundable, which results from the provisions of the Civil Code
    • If the deposit is not credited to the bank account within 3 days, the reservation is canceled.
    • The rest of the payment for the stay (i.e. 50% of the amount of the stay) can be paid by bank transfer or on site in cash on arrival
    • On arrival, the customer is required to pay a deposit of PLN 500
  4. General provisions
    • By making a reservation through angels home.pl, by e-mail or by phone, the Customer agrees to place his personal data in the Service Provider’s database.
    • Invoices for stay are issued on the day of check-out, sent by e-mail or letter, at the client’s request
    • The client may submit any comments and requests during the stay in the facility to the phone number contained in the contact form on the website.
    • The Customer should immediately inform the Administrator about any defects arising in the facility during the stay. Adequate monetary compensation will be charged for faults caused by the fault of the customer.
    • Items left by the customer after leaving the facility can be sent at his expense to the address indicated. Otherwise, after five days from the date of the Customer’s departure from the facility, the service will deal with items in accordance with the provisions on lost or found items.
    • Due to fire safety, it is forbidden to use heaters and other electrical devices outside the apartment. This does not apply to chargers and power supplies, RTV and computer devices.
    • The customer who intentionally or accidentally destroys the ownership of the object is obliged to cover all the costs incurred.
    • The administrator may refuse to accept a person who grossly violated these regulations during the previous stay.
    • Parents are responsible for child care within the property.
    • Angels Home shall not be liable to Guests for the loss or damage of money, securities, valuables or items of scientific or artistic value and arising for reasons beyond the control of Angels Home.
  5. Obligations / competences / procedures for the client’s stay:
    • The object is rented for days.
    • The day of staying at the facility lasts from 14.00 to 11.00, and the possibility of early arrival to the facility before 14.00 should be agreed with the owner.
    • Staying after 11.00 will be treated as an extension of stay for another day without the consent of the service Angels Home
    • The guest may, at the latest the day before the end of the stay and on the terms of the facility – declare the will to extend the stay. The stay will be extended after obtaining the consent of the Facility Service expressed electronically (e-mail) and the payment on the invoice indicated on the invoice issued by Angels Home no later than on the day originally set as the day of departure.
    • The customer is obliged to deliver the apartment within the time specified in the contract. Failure by the Customers to issue the apartment within the time specified in the contract or staying in the facility without a prior declaration of the possibility of extending the stay in the facility, confirmed by Angels Home, will be treated as a deliberate act hindering the successful delivery of the facility to subsequent Guests. In such a situation, the Customer evading the apartment is obliged to cover the total cost of the next Guest’s stay in another facility.
    • Free parking spaces have been allocated at Angels Home.
    • The customer undertakes to operate the facility in accordance with its intended purpose, not to remove any elements of its equipment and decorations from the facility.
    • Smoking in the facility is not allowed. The customer who does not comply with the ban will be charged a fee of PLN 1500 for refreshing the premises, equipment and washing curtains.
    • The customer is always required to secure the object in case of leaving it by closing the windows and key door and careful care over the keys and remote control for the garage hall
    • The customer undertakes not to exceed the number of people staying with him in the apartment over the one specified as the maximum on the website or in the booking form.
    • In the event of a breach of the rules set out in point 10, the manager is entitled to collect the due remuneration for the stay of an undeclared person in the amount of PLN 220 per night.
    • In the event of an exceptionally gross or hooligan violation of the rules, the owner is entitled to withdraw from the contract with immediate effect and remove the client along with his accompanying persons from the facility assisted by the police.
    • The customer is obliged to comply with the principles of good neighborliness, including compliance with curfew hours (from 22.00 to 6.00).
    • Organizing social events in the facility is prohibited. For organizing a social event, onerous for neighbors, the owner can charge an additional fee of PLN 500.
    • In case of losing the keys to the facility, the Customer is obliged to pay a fee of PLN 300 for the purchase and replacement of the lock and PLN 250 for the purchase of a remote control for the garage’s hall
    • The customer is obliged to maintain the principles of good neighborliness and keep the facility in the condition it found after receiving the keys. It is also the Customer’s responsibility to leave the dishes and kitchen equipment washed before leaving.
    • The rented object should be left in the condition in which it was on arrival
    • On arrival, guests can purchase a final cleaning service in the amount of PLN 160.
  6. Change and cancel reservation:
    • Changing the reservation is only possible if the property has not already been reserved by the Customer in the new period proposed. In this case, the change is not subject to an additional fee.
    • If the reservation cannot be changed and the Customer has withdrawn from the contract, canceled the reservation, or failed to perform the contract (no arrival), Angels Home is entitled to deduct the deposit paid
    • Up to 14 days before planned arrival it is possible to change the date of the reservation without costs on condition of the object.
    • If the Customer withdraws from the contract through his own fault he bears the total cost of the reservation.
    • Changing your booking through Angels Home is only possible in case of force majeure preventing you from fulfilling the service. Force majeure means: natural disasters, the apartment being taken by any state authority for any purpose, strikes, wars and riots, and the supplier’s deprivation of electricity, gas, heating energy or water. Then Angels Home is obliged to propose another date to the Customer, and if the Customer does not agree to this, withdraw from the contract by returning the down payment (cancellation) to the Customer.

We wish you a pleasant stay.